Aotea Project of Things – Week 3

First Presentation

Our first presentation went fairly well, from my perspective. Our timing was a bit off, forcing most of us to have to go overtime and rush, but other than that it ran fairly smoothly. I think that the research – mainly done by Katriel – gave us a good amount of depth, despite the fact that we had not yet decided on a project at that point.

I chose to take the slide about lighting and temporary fixtures, mostly for the latter point. While my team had written most of the script beforehand, I felt it was missing a few things, such as mentioning the annual events that occur in the square – the original script mentioned the ice skating rink, but not that it returns yearly, and included none of the other events like Summer in the Square.

Having learned about the supposed failure of the Game of Thrones #bringdowntheking campaign, I decided to try and research it, but I found nothing to support the claims that it failed – actually, there are news reports and videos of the statue falling, showing that the event was successful. I am now wondering if the ‘failure’ that was mentioned was a temporary setback?


After the presentations, we discussed several ideas for what we could work on. My personal favourite is the AR mystery game, which was brought up again and seems quite popular. I think it could be very interesting to combine it with the history of the area and specifically the Waihorotiu stream and taniwha. I think I would like to learn more about augmented reality, and explore its potential as a medium for play.


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