Week 7

Three playful activities I did this week…

I have found that the freemium game style has dominated my experience with mobile gaming, and while I don’t hate it enough to not play them if they interest me, I definitely don’t enjoy the general experience. This week I played two games, one of which was freemium and another that was paid, which was a very new experience for me.

Playing Monument Valley

This game was new to me in many ways and I found it refreshing, as a game that had a definite start and end, didn’t require any sort of in-game currency and had a story that wasn’t purely created with the dialogue in cutscenes. The gameplay was interesting and engaging – I very much enjoy puzzles that require me to think carefully and try things out, and this delivered.

Playing Kingdom Hearts Union X[Cross]

This is a game I have played for a while now, and I have enjoyed it a lot despite it’s freemium status. Some of the things I think help mitigate that are the frequent 0 AP events (which allow you to play without having to wait for any cooldowns), and the similarly frequent gifts of enough premium currency to purchase new medals in the shop without having to spend real money on it. One thing I really don’t like is having to spend so much time messing around with the medal fusion and evolution. The fact that inventory space is so limited (and requires premium currency to expend) is incredibly frustrating as having a full inventory prevents you from playing the actual game. Part of my frustration is probably due to the fact that I have never been super into the ‘collecting and raising things’ types of games – my love of Pokemon/Digimon/YuGiOh/etc stemmed from the animes I watched as a child before I ever got my hands on any of the games. I prefer games with constant action and story over fiddling around with weapons or pets.

TWEWY designs

While I still haven’t finished The World Ends With You, I have found it to be extremely inspiring with the unique style in the art, gameplay, music and story. I spent some time doing a lot of sketches inspired by the clothing found in the game, and made a sort of minigame for myself with it, based on some of the ‘lore’. Each of the 12 main fashion brands in the game is representative of one of the animals of the Chinese zodiac – I challenged myself to make up outfits for characters entirely from the items in a brand that matches their zodiac year. For example, being born in a Year of the Ox, my brand is D+B (Dangerous Buffalo), so my self-portraits in this exercise mainly consisted of miniskirts/shorts, tall boots and cute tops.


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