Culture games week 3

This week we presented our ideas to the class. These included our meme-Dixit game, a new version of the tile games that has triangular shaped pieces and plays like Triple Triad from the Final Fantasy series, and the ‘Meme Wars’ role play game.

Out of these I think the most successful was the Dixit game, for similar reasons as last week. I think it was the only one of our games that really worked in the way we were hoping it to. The triple triad one had many flaws, including the fact that the cards were transparent and therefore flipping them was useless, and also that it simply wasn’t fun to play. It didn’t seem to have much relevance to the original idea we had about the relationship between creators, consumers and trolls/flamers either, so once again I think we lost sight of what we were trying to achieve with our game.

Triple triad meme game pieces. Trolls (trollface) beat creators (doge), creators beat lurkers (chrome incognito symbol), lurkers beat trolls.

The game itself became spectacularly over-complicated due to the fact that instead of just beating a piece by putting one of your pieces next to it (eg. put a piece with a trollface next to a piece with a doge), you would then have to swap the piece you beat for one of your own that not only beat the other pieces it was attached to, but also your piece. So each turn would require 2 pieces, which had to beat up to 4 symbols including one that you would be placing that turn.

Similarly, the ‘Meme Wars’ (as the group dubbed it) game failed for reasons I speculated about last time, but also because the people from outside our group who joined in to the play test didn’t really understand what was going on, and weren’t as familiar with our cards as we were.

Again, this does kind of show the way that people who join into an ‘internet phenomena’ part way through may not always understand what is going on, or why and how it became like this. While the game seemed to be really cool for people in our group, it fell a bit flat with others, and trying to enforce more structure on it, to make it more understandable for them, just made it less interesting in my opinion.


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